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Compliance and Ethics

Education Management Corporation (EDMC) is built on strong values: student success, integrity, innovation and excellence. We share a deep commitment to doing things right – right by our students, regulatory bodies, and our own internal standards.

Our more than 40 years of experience in preparing students for professional careers demonstrates our commitment to put students first. Our education systems are known for delivering high quality academic programs. And whether in the creative and applied arts, behavioral sciences, education, business or health science fields, it is our employees who contribute their individual talents to our collective reputation and live our commitment each and every day – and EDMC’s Compliance department leads this effort.

For example, our Business Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct was developed and recently revised to guide business practices with regard to compliance with laws and maintenance of legal, ethical and financial reporting standards. All employees are required to complete a mandatory training and then certify that they have completed the training, reviewed the code, clearly understood it, and certify that they are aware of no ethical violations in their workplace and on their campuses.

Also, our internal Business Practices Committee reviews marketing, promotional materials, and publications (such as student enrollment applications, enrollment agreements, catalogs, addenda, and student handbooks) prior to dissemination, to check compliance with accreditation, federal and state regulations.

These are just a couple of examples of how EDMC’s Compliance department builds and fosters a culture of respect and “doing things right” – now and into the future.

On behalf of all of us at EDMC, thank you again for your support and confidence in our company and in our schools.